Build Your Back-End for Web3 With Flexible Low-Code

CRANQ is the unique new low-code authoring environment that helps developers use microservices and access wrapped Web3 APIs like Moralis or NFTPort. Take your project to PoC, and Production with CRANQ.

Want us to build your platform for you using CRANQ? Get in touch, we're curious and we want to help with interesting case studies.

Ready? Download the CRANQ application and install it. Open it, and then....

Step 1: Add Components

Click the '+' icon and drag a node from the Content menu onto the CRANQ canvas. CRANQ's repo contains a huge selection of wrapped APIs like Airtable, Moralis, Piñata etc., data transformation nodes, and flow control.

Filter available nodes or search for specific functions, and select.

Step 2: Parameterise, Connect and Organise

Connect your nodes so that data flows between them. In CRANQ, nodes take input either as signals in flow, or as parameters. When a node receives a signal, it performs its task and passes a new signal to subsequent nodes. The 'Start' node is the beginning and the 'Logger' node outputs to your console window.Want to simplify your structure? CRANQ allows you to group your nodes as new reusable Composite nodes and name them, making it easy for anyone to understand your project.

Step 3: Run and Debug Your Project

It's time to Run your project, but the CRANQ fun hasn't stopped yet!  Debug used to be painstaking and slow. CRANQ's debug highlights error nodes in red, and greys out unused nodes, so you can see your code running, identify errors instantly, click directly into the problem and resolve it.

Step 4: Wrap Your Project in an Express API and Compile to Javascript

CRANQ projects are easy to use on your existing infrastructure. Simply wrap in an Express API, compile to javascript and deploy as an npm package or Docker image.  Your CRANQ code will run fast, and grow with your traffic, so that your PoC can evolve smoothly into your scaled application.

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What Developers Are Saying

Gabor Kovacs
CTO @ startup

'Domain experts have difficulty explaining the fine details of the domain to developers. With CRANQ, they can finally express those details in terms developers understand'

John Wood
CTO @ Verisart

'The IDE's feature to visualize your code is very cool and being able to see live activity is very useful for debugging and we love being able to connect reusable code together in a visual way'

Krisztina Lukacs
Senior developer

'The technical elegance of it is amazing!'

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