Hi everyone, we are CRANQ, founded in 2020 with offices in London and Budapest.  Our mission is to build the very best graphical coding interface to help professional developers code faster, and to help technical and non-technical colleagues to collaborate better.

Javascript ninja Dan Stocker and serial entrepreneur Toby Rowland met while working on Mangahigh.com, the successful maths eLearning site now owned by Westermann Publishing Gmbh.  After leaving Mangahigh for HSBC, Dan became fascinated by the accelerating low-code movement, but was disappointed that existing low-code tools were designed for non-technical personnel.  Dan reasoned that some elements of low-code would also be helpful for developers who wished to code faster, and importantly, would help those developers to explain and share their work with non-technical stake holders.  After months of research, Dan developed a proof-of-concept, and showed it to Toby, who immediately saw CRANQ's potential, and agreed to join the project as CEO.

Thanks to Dan's background in Hungary, the team were able to recruit veteran developer and tech manager Csaba Kallai, and tap into Csaba's network of talented developers around Budapest.  We are now working to perfect our 'MDP' (Minimum Delightful Product) and actively looking for talented developers to join the mission, or developers who want to trial CRANQ.

Meet The Team

Toby Rowland
CEO & Co-Founder

Toby is a tech entrepreneur who loves building businesses with huge potential from zero. a blank sheet of paper, and was formerly CEO & Co-founder of Mangahigh.com, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of King.com, VP Marketing uDate.com, and COO & Co-Founder of ClickMango.com. Toby lives in London.

Dan Stocker
Inventor, CTO & CoFounder

Dan has a mission to make coding complex applications accessible to all, and a long road of testing and discovery that has led him to invent CRANQ. With development experience in a range of companies, including inEdTech and FinTech, from early stage startups to global enterprises, he brings a wealth of experience of the real problems faced when creating digital technology. He lives in London with his wife and daughter. He has a soft spot for design and is a frequent visitor to the local laser-cutting shop.

Csaba Kallai
Hungary Team Leader

Csaba is an accomplished developer and development manager, with broad experience in both the financial and the startup world. He managed teams of developers and automation engineers - most notably - at LogMeIn and Dealogic. He lives near Budapest with his family, and likes to unwind by hitting the boxing bag or listening to hardcore punk after a day of Sisyphean tinkering with his home automation system.

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