We've all had fun texting with chatGPT, but have you had a voice conversation with it yet?

Would you like to talk to someone who's powered by 175 billion parameters?  Someone who can be pretty knowledgeable on almost any subject?  Or maybe it's time to go to bed, and you want to listen to a nice story about your dog saving XMAS, or that time when you were elected mayor of Paris, and then beat Jay-Z in a rap battle on the same day. We want all of that, so we decided to make a fun voice chatbot, powered by chatGPT, that you can access via voice message in WhatsApp, and we would love you to make your own version of it.

The project is not hard to follow, so get ready for an easy coding session with Gyuri. On the way to launching your chatbot, you're going to build a WhatsApp webhook, and use Azure voice-to-text and text-to-voice, as well as the OpenAI API of course, so you might want to register for those services before you start. There's a more comprehensive guide to the project here.

Have fun and tell us about your experiences on our Discord.