Turn Your Whatsapp Voice Messages into JIRA Tickets

Wouldn't it be cool to post JIRA tickets when you think of them, regardless of whether you are at a keyboard or not? Even better, what if chatGPT could structure those JIRA tickets so that they come out documented, tidy, and professional?

Build your prompt engineering skills with this cool programme that lets you send a voice message via WhatsApp, and run a voice-to-text conversion on that audio using Azure. The app then summarises the transcribed text using OpenAI's API, formats it as a JIRA ticket using CRANQ, and finally posts it to the JIRA API for your colleagues. We liked the programme so much that we did a demo for some friends of the company, and it feels pretty magical, because it fleshes out important development inspirations with the context and wording that helps others to make sense of the ticket.

This project was pretty quick for us to put together, and during the process we built a couple of powerful nodes that will make it *really* fast for you, so why not code-along with our CTO Dan, and build a Voice-to-JIRA-Ticket converter for you and your colleagues? There's a comprehensive guide to the project here.

What will you build with CRANQ using chatGPT?  Perhaps there's an API you'd like to see in CRANQ...?  Let us know in the Discord.